Sherlock Holmes week: Sunday

Day 7: Sherlock Holmes

We made it to the 7th day, congrats, guys! :)
So, today is the day to spam with everything Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes. All about him. Again: pictures, videos, character-related interviews, fic, gifs, macros, anything.

Also (!) because it's the last day of Holmes Week I suggest we go to the older posts and spam there too ;) You can find each and every one of them through our main Sherlock Holmes Week post

Sherlock Holmes week: Monday

Let's begin!

Day 1: Robert Downey Jr

Today in the comments to this post we spam with everything RDJ. Pics, videos, inteviews, his other The more the better. And if you don't have anything to contribute (how?!) you can still comment and have fun with us :)

3... 2... 1... GO!

*main Sherlock Holmes Week post

Fandom week: Sherlock Holmes

There was a talk about things like this lately, and I thought I should suggest it.


The Rules:
1. Each day is dedicated to some subject.
2. Before we start, those who are interested comment saying if they would participate in some particular days and on that day they comment to the special spam-post with anything related to the subject: picspams, videos, fanfic, anything.
3. If you forgot to comment beforehand, you, of course, can still participate. Comments are needed so we know that the days won't stay empty and silent.
4. Randomness of Doom in comments is still ok, as long as we have fun. So if unexpected!Jude appears in an RDJ post.. why not? Maybe you found something brilliant and just have to share it now. Just don't get overexcited ;)

01. Monday: Robert Downey Jr (and his other projects)
02. Tuesday: John Watson
03. Wednesday: Favourite Quote (Favourite moment) day
04. Thursday: Jude Law (...aaand his other projects))
05. Friday: Big fanart, fanvids and fanfic day
06. Saturday: OTP (of choice)
07. Sunday: Sherlock Holmes

If you have any suggestions - I'm glad to hear them.

oh, doctor john

actors: jude law, robert downey jr, michael sheen, matthew goode, sam worthington
tv: doctor who, alice
movies: bright young things, underworld (1 and 3), kiss kiss bang bang, iron man, sherlock holmes

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